Friday, April 5, 2013

Chinese Fried Rice

                 CHINESE FRIED RICE

    Ingredients :- Rice                                   500g

                          chopped cauliflower           150g

                          chopped carrot                  75g

                           beans split into two            100g

                           baby corn split into two     150g

                          cabbage                               100g

                           fried chicken cut into small pieces  250g

                          prawns                                 150g

                          egg white                               02

                         chopped onions                      02 

                         chopped garlic                       3-4

                         ginger chopped                      1 piece

                        vegetable oil                          3 tablespoon

                        soya sauce                             2 tablespoon

                        powdered salt                        as neeeded

                        pepper powder                       as  needed

               METHOD :- 

 Heat the pan for sometime and a oil into it . Add the chopped ginger , garlic and onions . Add the carrots , beans , cauliflower , prawns, fried chicken , cabbage , and finally add the egg whites . mix the rice with soya sauce , oyster sauce , salt  and pepper powder.



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